About Joni

Push Your Boundaries


My personal journey in yoga was sporadic for many years before committing to a solid practice that eventually blossomed into entering teacher training.  

I became a certified teacher in 2010, and have been blessed to teach a variety of age groups.  I have taught at various studios, along with San Jacinto Jr. College as a professor. 

I specialize in teaching beginners, athletes, prenatal, and special needs children.  

The Space


The space in which you practice is special.  It holds a vast amount of energy.  I am proud to offer a space that is dedicated exclusively for yoga, Reiki, and meditation.  I am also available for in-home practices and sessions.



The first step in a yoga journey is connection to your breath.  It is powerful to sit, breathe, and center yourself before every practice.

Breath is just as important during a Reiki session.  To enjoy the benefits of a session, a relaxed, deep breath is best.

The Indigo Light Path