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Your living space. 

Your home. 

It is a place for each of us to cultivate and nurture our self-love, and settle into our being. The home is the most intimate space you interact with.  It is the space where you replenish yourself from the stresses of the outside world. 

Your home should be your sanctuary.

I would love to be a part of your journey in finding the space you flourish in. 

I have formed a partnership with Oakington Realty, offering real estate services. 

If you have a desire to buy, sell, or lease a space I would love to partner together on one of the most significant transactions you will enter into. 

My background in oil & gas has provided a solid foundation in understanding the finer details of contracts, along with having honed my negotiation skills. 

Pairing my business experience with my intuitive sense of energy, lends to forming a confidential, professional, and supportive relationship; imperative in the complex world of real estate. 

You can connect with me via phone, text, email, or schedule a phone call when it is convenient for you to start a plan to cultivate a space that will serve your highest good. 

Home Blessings

Coming soon. 

Feng Shui

Coming soon.